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Welcome to the Ohio Identification Officers Association

The Ohio Identification Officers Association strives to be a professional association for those engaged in investigation, forensic identification and scientific examination of physical evidence.

Welcome to the Ohio Identification Officers Association Website!

Photo of Michael WisniewskiNow in our 67th year, the Ohio Identification Officers Association (OIO) is one of the top five regional/state divisions in the International Association for Identification-IAI (theiai.org) for membership. Of the 30 state divisions, Ohio remains one of the most active and solvent because of its dedicated members and informative yearly training conferences.

This organization is nothing without its membership and it exists to further the goals, liaisons, and education of our members. That fact comes with great benefits and responsibilities, and I challenge you all to get involved to help maintain Ohio's excellence in the forensic community.

So far, this year we have seen a bit of a dip in our membership. All current members need to be a champion for our organization and to continue to recruit new members, and consider taking an active role as part of our Board. It is also the responsibility of the membership to voice what speakers, workshops and presentations we bring to our training conference. Our Conference Committee works tirelessly during their personal time, to put together informative, educational, and entertaining presentations that can benefit us all. Your feedback is an important part of this. Please see the list of OIO Board members or use our Facebook page to share your ideas.

This year, the OIO yearly educational and training conference will be on September 9th -11th, at the Holiday Inn French Quarter Perrysburg, Ohio. This is an excellent opportunity for professional networking, to take part workshops, learn from our guest vendors and lectures from around the nation. (Click on the Annual Conference Tab for more information.) This facility also hosts numerous family friendly amenities and is a mini resort in itself. Be sure to reserve your rooms today and I hope to see you all there!

Next year, Ohio will play host to the IAI in the city of Cincinnati. This is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our state to an international audience and our membership will be key to hosting this exciting week!

Finally, in these difficult and trying times for all law enforcement nationwide, please stay safe in all you do and look out for your fellow officers and crime scene professionals. Justice is blind and the evidence leads the way.

Best Wishes,

Michael Wisniewski
President OIO, 2015

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