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Ohio Identification Officers Association Mission

Ohio Identification Officers Association strives to be a professional association for those engaged in investigation, forensic identification and scientific examination of physical evidence.

Our goals are:

  1. Educate members about the most current information and research in forensic identification.
  2. Affiliate people who are actively engaged in the profession of forensic identification, investigation and scientific examination of physical evidence in an organized body. To organize the profession in all its branches so that it may be standardized and its operations effectively and scientifically practiced.
  3. Enlarge and improve the science of forensic identification and crime detection.
  4. Encourage research in scientific crime detection.
  5. Keep OIO members apprised of the latest techniques and discoveries in forensic identification and crime detection.
  6. Employ the collective wisdom of the profession to advance the scientific techniques of forensic identification and crime detection.
  7. To educate the Ohio legislature of the importance of general laws promoting the science of identification and the relationship it has to the investigation of crime.
  8. To support the Ohio State Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation as an independent agency, serving alike, all law enforcement departments and agencies throughout the state.
  9. To work closely with the International Association for Identification in furthering the professionalism of identification generally.
  10. To cooperate with other State and Federal agencies in furthering the professional and scientific advances in the identification field.

OIO By-Laws

The By-Laws for Ohio Identification Officers Association, updated October 1, 2013, are available here.